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There are a lot of things to plan when you get engaged.  From the flowers to the venue to the caterer and more...but the one thing that you will need to make your marriage legal is the officiant.  When choosing your officiant, you will want to find someone who will make your ceremony dreams come true.  The officiants at Weddings & More TX believe that the officiant you choose should be able to customize your ceremony the way you want it to go.  Maybe that includes children, family members, and perhaps even a Unity Ceremony.  

But what exactly is a unity ceremony?  Plainly put...a unity ceremony is a smaller ceremony within your main ceremony that symbolize what your ceremony means to you.  Perhaps it symbolizes 2 families coming together as one, perhaps it  lets step-children know how much they mean to you.  Whatever the unity ceremony is, it should be a reflection of you  as a couple and as a family.

But where do you start when choosing a Unity Ceremony?  There are so many to choose from.  The list below is just a small sample of unity ceremonies that can be incorporated into your ceremony.  You can also choose to design your own unity ceremony simply by taking 2-3 activities you to do together and blending them in a way that makes perfect sense to you as a couple.

Whatever you decide to use as a unity ceremony, let it be a reflection of you as a couple and individuals.!

Sand Ceremony
Candle Ceremony
Love Letter Ceremony
Handfasting Ceremony
Time Capsule Ceremony
Ring Warming Ceremony
Jumping the Broom
Hand Washing Ceremony
Bread Breaking Ceremony
Unity Painting Ceremony
Rose Ceremony
Celtic Oathing Stone
Cord of Three Strands
Hour Glass Ceremony
Chocolate Ceremony
Tie The Knot Ceremony
Water Ceremony
Wine Ceremony
Flower Ceremony
Tree Planting Ceremony
Branding Ceremony
Unity Cross Ceremony
Blended Family Ceremony
Blessing of the Hands
Unity Cocktail Ceremony
Honor Your Mother Ceremony
Wine Box Ceremony
Pebble Tradition Ceremony
Salt Covenant Ceremony
Tasting of Four Elements
Tea Ceremony
Truce Bell Ceremony

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