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Is your fiance incarcerated within TDCJ or a county jail?  Are you looking to get married within the system?  If so, the officiants at Weddings & More TX are here to help.   Weddings can be held at any TDCJ unit with an approved officiant.  The officiants at Weddings & More TX are TDCJ approved and ready to help.  

Officiants with TDCJ get approved on a yearly basis.  We have been doing ceremonies for happy couples in TDCJ for 3+ years.  And if for some reason, you can't get your ceremony approved through TDCJ, we have other options available.  Either way...we can make it happen!

We look forward to hearing from you!

TDCJ/Jail ceremonies are prescripted.  Many units will allow a ring exchange, however the outside spouse will have to take the rings afterwards to hold onto.  Prices vary depending on location/travel time and if a motel stay is required.  Please see the list below.  

Non-refundable Deposit:  50% of the total cost

**All ceremonies that are more than 5 hours away and/or scheduled for later than 4pm will have an additional fee of $50 added to it to cover the cost of a motel.**

Officiant will be dressed business casual.

Signing and mailing of the marriage license is included.

Time Frame:  varies but typically 15-20 minutes

**I am not 100% positive that ceremonies are allowed at all of the following locations.  The locations in RED are units I have previously officiated at.  I have listed only locations within 500 miles of my location.  If you are needing services at a unit not listed, please call me directly for pricing.**

                 Unit              Price          Motel**
              Allred             $450            Yes
              Beto               $250            
              Bradshaw       $250            
              Briscoe           $250            
              Clemens         $150            
              Coffield          $250                                                    Connally         $250            
              Daniel             $550           Yes
              Diboll             $250            
              East Texas      $250           
              Ellis                $200            
              Ferguson        $200            
             Garza East      $250            
             Gist                 $200            
             Goodman        $200            
             Gurney            $250
             Havins             $350
             Hodge             $250
             Hughes            $250
             Hutchins          $350
             Jester III          $150
             Kegans            $150
             LeBlanc           $250
             Lindsey            $450          Yes
             Lopez              $450          Yes
             Lychner           $200
             Michael            $250
             Moore,B          $350
             Ney                 $350
             Polunsky          $200
             Ramsey            $200
             Sayle                $450         Yes
             Segovia            $450         Yes
             Stiles               $250
             Telford            $350
             Torres             $350
             Travis Cty       $250
    Wallace/San Angelo $550           Yes
             Willacy Cty     $350

Unit          Price          Motel**
            Bartlett          $250            
            Boyd             $250            
            Bridgeport     $450            Yes
            Byrd              $90              
            Cleveland      $150            
            Cole              $450            Yes
            Cotulla           $350            
            Darrington      $150           
            Dominguez     $350           
            Eastham         $250           
            Estelle            $200           
            Ft. Stockton   $550          Yes
            Garza West    $250          
            Glossbrenner  $350          
            Goree            $200         
            Hamilton        $200
            Hightower      $200
            Holliday          $200
            Huntsville        $200
             Jester I           $150
             Johnston         $350
             Kyle               $250
             Lewis             $250
             Lockhart        $250
             Luther            $200
             McConnell     $250
            Middleton       $450        Yes
            Moore, C       $450        Yes
            Pack              $200
            Powledge       $250
             Robertson     $450         Yes
            Scott              $200
            Stevenson       $250
            Stringfellow      $200
            Terrell             $200
             Vance            $150
            Ware               $550         Yes
            Wynne            $200

If you are getting married in prison, go to the TDCJ Directive for the info you will need.

You still have to get the license no later than 72 hours before the ceremony.  The exchange of rings is permitted in some units.  Inmates must remove the rings afterwards.  I will have a set ceremony to read for any and all marriages taking place in the prison system.  There will be no deviation from the ceremony, with the exception of vows.  If you wish to say your own vows, please let me know.

I do require a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront.  As soon as you find out the date from the prison chaplain, let me know ASAP so I can block off the date.  I will not do more than one ceremony on the day of a prison ceremony unless they are at the same location/unit.  The remaining fee can be paid anytime before the ceremony begins, including the day of.  Please let me know if you are contact visit eligible so I know whether to say the part about the kiss or not.  I will also need to know the name of your intended spouse, his/her inmate number, and your name for the ceremony.

I do offer a free in-person meeting to discuss the details of your ceremony.

"If you are having issues with getting your ceremony approved through TDCJ, I have a solution for you.
Contact me for more details.  832-707-7279"