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What is a baby blessing/naming ceremony?  A baby blessing, (welcoming, naming, or sometimes called a glistening) is a ceremony that celebrates and welcomes your child into the family and community that they will live and grow up in. These beautiful ceremonies are an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening. They have become very popular as they help fill the spiritual need for parents who are of different faiths, do not belong to a church, or do not practice a religion.

What's the difference between a blessing and a baptism?  A baptism is typically more religious.

We at Weddings and More Tx can help you to create a beautiful ceremony to introduce your baby to your family, community and the world.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

All blessings/baptisms are customized.

within 25 miles
(call for prices on ceremonies more than 25 miles)

Non-refundable Deposit:  $90

Personal ceremony written specifically for the happy couple and child(ren).

Unlimited number of guests

No dress code
(officiant will be dressed business casual)

Done at your choice of location
(home, park, etc)

Blessing/Baptism certificate included.

Time Frame:  varies but typically 20-30 minutes

As in traditional wedding ceremonies, Baby Blessings need to flow through the ceremony.  Most baby blessing ceremonies have the following elements to them:

•Invocation/prayer, or if non-religious an opening poem
•Charge to the parents
•Parental promise
•Charge to  Responsibility & Vows of Godparents
•Declaration of baby’s name and its significance
•**The Blessing** choice of Water, Oil, or Rose ceremony
•Candle lighting or other element such as poem etc..
•Closing prayer or blessing

Ceremonies can be held anywhere you your home, a park, on the beach...anywhere that has special meaning to you and your family.

You can add or subtract any element that you want. There are no rules. The ceremony should reflect your wishes and I am happy to help create it with you.  Ceremonies may include Grandparents, siblings or other special people. We can include your favorite readings, poems or spiritual traditions.

Other parents prefer a nonreligious ceremony, focusing on welcoming their new baby, introducing him/her to his/her new community of family and friends. They may prefer a celebration that reflects their child's journey and their gratitude to be parents. Often the parents will make a promise, similar to the promises made in wedding vows. In these promises they pledged to love their new child unconditionally, and guide him/ her through life.

Many times the parents will include the participation of the Grandparents and siblings in the ceremony as well.

Having a baby blessing ceremony is a lovely occasion for family and friends to come together to recognize, honor and celebrate the precious gift that is your child. 

Many parents like to incorporate the spiritual and cultural traditions of baptisms and baby naming rituals that have importance to each of them, giving them the opportunity to create their own spiritual identity, unrestricted by the rules of a religious institution.

You are in complete control over how your ceremony is performed.  You will always have final approval on what I have written.  You can include your children, other family members, unity ceremonies, traditional and cultural aspects.  It can be religious, spiritual, or have no mention of God at all.

It's your day, so it will be your way!

I officiate all over SE Texas, including Galveston, Angleton, Dayton, League City, Pasadena, and many more.

Unusual venues are not a problem.  I officiate ceremonies in parks, beaches, living rooms, reception halls, golf courses, pool side, bars, backyards and more. We accept cash and debit cards.